Using Network Shutdown Software to Save Energy and Money - Tips & Advice

Here you can find articles, tips and advice regarding using of network shutdown software across organization to reduce energy wasting and save money.

The site is aimed to help you to make your organization greener. Following simple steps and using various network shutdown software you can achieve immediate lowering of CO2 emission and cutting energy costs.

Articles below should help you to understand best practices of effective power management, methods that can be used by companies and organizations of any size to shutdown computers remotely and help you to choose your approach to the improving power management in your organization.

How to Remotely Shutdown Computers on Network

Having an ability to shutdown computers remotely is helpful not only for network administrators who need to turn off workstations at night to save electric power, for example, but also for home users who have more than one PC in the network and like to manage them remotely. There are a number of ways how you can execute network shutdown command, but all of them have some preconditions. Continue reading

How Power Management Software Can Help You to Save Energy

Many companies and organizations are looking for ways to go green in order to help environment and cut energy costs. Desktop PCs and monitors are one of main power consumers in modern office, so effective PC power management can help to significantly reduce power consumption without a capital expenditure. If you are looking for cost-saving tactics with a low or even zero investment, get familiar with PC power management. Continue reading

Using PsShutdown and Shutdown Commands in Corporate Networks

Every new Windows version comes with improved administration toolkit that includes new and extends existing features. Standard Windows shutdown command (known as shutdown.exe) is regularly updated by Microsoft to allow administrators use it to shut down and reboot local and remote PCs. PsShutdown is another free command-line tool for remote shutdown of PCs, that can be used in networks. Both utilities can be used by administrators to create simple custom PC power management solutions. Continue reading

Freeware Shutdown Utility

PsShutdown is a command-line utility similar to the Windows shutdown utility, but with the ability to do much more.

Useful Resources
  • Energy Star is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.
  • Climate Savers Computing brings together industry, consumers and conservation organizations to significantly increase the energy efficiency of computers and servers.